Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ten days in...

And it's going ok. I have slacked a bit. I managed to get my listening done at the weekend, and my Anki flashcards but that was all. We had a very busy two days, with all three children needing to be here, there and everywhere so by the evening I was too tired to do much else. 

I have almost finished a Russian workbook, just a beginner one, but it did cover a few things I didn't know. If nothing else it's a bit of revision. I actually really like the way these books are set out, the audio files are available online and they are easy to do in little chunks. I took the book with me to my daughter's gym class, and spent the hour working through it. I've ordered the next book now. The website is for anyone interested.

Products from Russian Step by Step/Photo taken from their website

The past few days I have been keeping up with listening, reading, writing, a bit of Memrise, Anki, a bit of Babbel...Yesterday evening I realised I'm doing that thing again of being all over the place, but not really moving forward. So, I need to focus a bit more, and read through the notes I took from the Language Master Key book. I also need to start studying in the mornings, evenings are my usual time, but I'm aware that I make so many more mistakes in the evening as I'm too tired to concentrate properly. Being a night owl this is going to take some very real effort!

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